Ecological responsibility is an integral part of corporate social responsibility.

Aware that humanity every day exceeds the Earth’s ecological limits, as a responsible company, we decided to minimize our own environmental impacts.
VELIKI Hotel is the only hotel in Serbia witch was trained through the program ECOprofit organized by the city of Novi Sad and the Austrian Development Agency Denkstatt. The goal of the program is the application of environmental standards in the business.
To save energy and reduce negative environmental impacts Hotel Veliki took the following “green” steps:

  • Use of solar panels used for heating water;
  • Energy efficient lighting – installation of LED lighting and energy saving light bulbs;
  • paper recycling;
  • environmental cleaning suplies ;
  • eco gear for water taps;
  • installation of dispensers for soap and shampoo in the bathrooms;
  • use of recycled materials in furniture making;
  • procurement of local products;
  • 100% cotton bed linen, towels and mattresses
  • environmental educated staff;
  • create an action plan for the introduction of additional eco measures.


Eco approach