Hotel Veliki is a boutique accommodation in the city center of Novi Sad. Placed in a historic building, our Hotel Veliki is a family run business.

The oldest corner stone in Novi Sad

The oldest corner stone in Novi Sad

Located in the old downtown this historical object has its own landmark a 214-year old corner stone, integrated in 1801.

According to the Institute for Cultural Heritage Conservation of Novi Sad, it is the oldest corner stone in Novi Sad.

It was used to mark the elevation and a topographic point in a city known for its flat terrain. This 19th century building is protected by the Institute for Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Novi Sad, and has the status of historic and cultural landmark.

Although the building was reconstructed in 1998 with appealing and modern interior, it has also preserved its original external features.

We are located at Nikole Pasica Street.

This lively street is packed with Novi Sad’s landmarks which includes Archbishops Palace, Central Orthodox Church of Novi Sad, Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Matica Srpska (the oldest Serbian Literary, Cultural and Scientific Institution), and French Cultural Center.

It is also a place with large number of fine restaurants and shops.

Hotel Veliki is owned and run by company “DAD 1989″ d.o.o. The company has been involved in management consulting since 1989